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Bolo Mark III
Year of Introduction 2018
Weight 300 tons
Road Speed 50
Sprint Speed 50
Indirect Fire Tac/Theater
Self Aware No

1x 150mm DSFSLRP

8x Infinite Repeater railguns

4x 155mm howitzers

Light VLS Missile system

The mark three was designed as a heavy(300 metric tons) companion vehicle. It was fielded 3 years after the mark two, in 2018. Its main armament is the same as the previous bolos except for the fact that the gun was not turreted with only a 20 degree traverse. Although the main gun is less capable the secondary armament is far better. This includes an 8 gun infinite repeater battery,four 155mm howitzers, and a light VLS missile system of 60 cells. Clearly, there is emphasis on the long range support capability. It carried a single fossil fuel power plant for emergency use only, for the main power source was ionic batteries recharged by solar film. The vehicle also had a slightly better sensor suite. The armor was scaled up to 20mm allowing it to defeat anything short of a point blank shot from a 150mm DSFSLRP round. This was the first bolo to multiple tread systems- inner and outer- with a separate powertrain for each. It was designed for a 2 man crew with one man as an electronics officer but could be operated by a single experienced operator in a pinch. Even with the multiple track system, top speed decreased to 50 kph.

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