Bolo Mark XXVI (Monstrous)
Year of Introduction 3113
Weight 13,000 tons
Road Speed 150
Sprint Speed 150
Indirect Fire Tactical
Self Aware Autonomous

1x 90cm Hellbore

18x Ion Bolt Infinite Repeater

The Mark XXVI was the first Bolo to incorporate improved 'hyper-heuristic' features based on the work of Major Marina Stavrakas . Armament, size, weight, and speed remained largely unchanged from the Mark XXV , but the Mark XXVI was capable of constructing a "learning model" in accelerated time. In some ways, this almost equated to precognition, in that the Mark XXVI could project changes in an enemy's tactical or strategic actions before even the enemy realized he intended to change them. The new systems also meant that, accompanied by a much improved ability to break hostile communications security, a Mark XXVI could actually invade an opponent's data net, access his computers, scan them for useful data, and (in some cases) even implant its own directions in those computers.