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The Concordiat of Man is an interstellar power founded by humans. It is the creator of bolos.



The Concordiat was created by the humans in the Prometheus Enclave after the Collapse of Earth.

Human-Quern WarEdit

Due to worsening relations between the Concordiat and the Quern Hegemony from 2880 to 2918, bolo research was driven forward at breackneck speed. The Bolo mark 23 was ready just before the Quern launched a surprise attack. The Concordiat was able to win the war, but there was still heavy damage among frontier worlds, such as Santa Cruz.

Human-Melconian WarEdit

Six months after first contact between the Melconian Empire and the Concordiat in the 3200's, the Melconians slammed down a Non-intercourse Edict. It was standard for the Melconians to do this until the Concordiat could be evaluated. Unfortuanately, to the Concordiat, this appeared to be a hostile act. Misunderstandings on both sides led to increasing tensions until the shooting war started in the Battle of the Trellis System in 3343. The war continued for 208 years until both sides destroyed each other.


The core of the Concordiat military was it's Bolos. From the Mark IV in the beginning, to the Mark XXXIII , at its final hour. It also had a number of lighter manned tanks to supplement it's Bolos such as the Wolverine heavy tank of the Quern wars or the Golem series eighty years later.

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